Raquelia Leone

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A graphic or web designer creates the visual components of various types of media including TV, film, movies, magazines, written material and even advertising. Since the world of design is constantly changing, it is the job of a web and graphic designer to always know, convey and implement the latest techniques, while keeping up with current trends. Graphic and Web design is something that Raquelia is passionate about and she envisages a long career in this field.
Not only is she highly creative, but is a multi-talented and imaginative person and along with her skills from The Academy Of Art University (bachelors degree in Web Design & New Media) will strive to make your project, outstanding.
Completing projects with precision and an eye to detail is her goal for every piece of artwork created, whether on canvas or a computer screen.

A natural extension of my desire to communicate my own vision, my own journeys, and my fascination with the human spirit is manifest in my love of acquiring knowledge. A place where “we dream day and night.”

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Based in Sunny South Florida.