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Welcome to my Demonstration Library website. This is primarily going to be for the new things I have learned while taking my undergarduate degree in Web Design and New Media, which can be accessed from above by clicking on "demo libary." To see my "Personal Online Portfolio" click here or the link above:

A graphic or web designer creates the visual components of various types of media including TV, film, movies, magazines, written material and even advertising. Since the world of design is constantly changing, it is the job of a web and graphic designer to always know, convey and implement the latest techniques, while keeping up with current trends. Graphic and Web design is something that Raquelia is passionate about and she envisages a long career in this field.
Not only is she highly creative, but Raquelia is a multi-talented and imaginative person and along with her skills from The Academy Of Art University (currently enrolled for a bachelors degree in Web Design & New Media) will strive to make your project, outstanding.
Raquelia has been an artist her entire adult life and became interested in designing art on the computer back in the late 90’s. From there she became, self-taught, starting with Photoshop and the Creative Suite CS2. She now works in Adobes CS6 and loves to incorporate her artistic skills from oil painting into digital media.

Completing projects with precision and an eye to detail is her goal for every piece of artwork created, whether on canvas or a computer screen. This in turn led to the founding of "Dynamic Direction In Design.”

Excellent communication skills are important to Raquelia and believes that while artistic talent is a definite asset, it is not always essential if the designer has a good eye for the overall picture.

This site is primarily devoted to schoolwork from The Academy Of Art University. It houses all of our assignments that were due in each module. These can be viewed by visiting the Demo library link above.

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Raquelia Leone / 2011